SBWC Current Board Members

Note: Board members serve for two-year terms.


Leila (2)  Leila Perlmutter, President, 2016-2018

Chairman of the Executive Board, preside at all meetings and may call special meetings, appoint Federation Chairmen, Parliamentarian, Public Relations Chairman, Standing Committee Chairman and Special Committees, general supervision over all club affairs, attend all TAD No. 14 meetings and conventions and CFWC conventions or appoint a VP to represent the club. Prepare annual written reports for the President’s procedure book.


Katherine (2)  Katherine Freibergs, 1st Vice President, 2014-2018

The Dean of Chairmen shall act as liaison between the President and the Federation Chairmen and their committees, to be responsible for the functioning of said chairmen.  Her duty is to obtain and forward annual committee project reports as requested by the District & State Officers.  Assist the President and assume the duties of the president in her absence.


Rosemary Wilde  Rosemary Wilde, 2nd Vice President, 2016-2018

To serve as the coordinator of Club Sections.  The Second Vice President shall serve on the membership committee and assist the 1st Vice President in the preparation of annual reports.


   Cosima VanBuskirk, Recording Secretary, 2016-2018

Shall keep a full and accurate record of all meetings and perform such duties as delegated by the President and the Executive Board.


Carla (2)   Carla Kincaid, Corresponding Secretary, 2016-2018

Shall collect mail at the club P.O. Box, read correspondence at meetings and give notice of all called meetings and mail notices.


Cathy Caron (2)  Cathy Caron, Treasurer, 2016-2018

The Treasurer shall receive, hold and disburse upon authorization all club monies.  To assist the Membership Secretary by checking the dues paid. To pay all bills accompanied by voucher ordered by the Executive Board.  Prepare a monthly report of receipts & disbursements to the Executive Board and at each regular meeting. Prepare a written report at close of the club year and deliver the books, receipts and all paperwork to the auditor on or before June 1st.


 Anita Hensley, Business Manager, 2014-2018

The club’s sole liaison to the caterer and office personnel at the Poinsettia Pavilion.  Role is to book general meeting lunches with the caterer, collect monies for lunches & deliver to the Treasurer.


   Shirley Lorraine, Membership Secretary, 2017-2018

Shall receive all club dues and deliver to the Treasurer.  Serve as liaison for new members, keep a current membership list and issue Yearbooks with certification of membership and issue the name badges.  Responsible for a membership tea and new member orientation.


Mary Harrison  Mary Harrison, Fderation Secretary, 2016-2018

Attend TAD No.14 Board Meetings and Conferences, keep the club membership informed regarding Federation activities, encourage attendance at District meetings and take reservations for TAD No. 14, CFWC and GFWC meetings.


Georgiann  Georgiann Henry, Public Relations/Bulletin, many years – 2018

Prepare & distribute club news, activities, general section meetings and fundraising events via Buena Briefs, E-Blasts or other media necessary.


 Joyce Opjorden, Parliamentarian, 2016-2018

Shall perform all duties pertaining to the office, give advice on Parliamentary Law, and be Chairman of the By-Laws Committee consisting of 6 additional members appointed by the President.  The Parliamentarian shall call the first meeting of the Nominating Committee to give instructions in procedures.


SBWC General Chairmen

Audit – Rosalee Asbell

California History – Kathie Briggs

Decorations – Juanita Eastwood & Leila Perlmutter

Fun Dough/Photographer – Cosima Van Buskirk

Inventory – Anita Hensley

Nominating Committee – Joyce Opjorden

Programs – Dianne Maggio

Scholarships – Eleanor Tillquist & Coralynn Watkins


General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC)

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  Their specific and primary purposes are to carry out charitable service programs, provide leadership opportunities, and enrich the lives of its members through personal growth.

See the GFWC website here:

See the GFWC Facebook page here:


California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC)

CFWC is the organization that represents the GFWC clubs in the state of California.

See the CFWC website here:

See the CFWC Facebook page here:


Tierra Adorada District (TAD)

Within the State of California, Ventura is located in the Tierra Adorada District (spanning from Morro Bay to Simi Valley) which is part of the larger Area B (spanning from Stockton to Oxnard, including Fresno and Bakersfield).

See a map of all of the Areas and Districts here:

TAD meetings are in September, November, January, and March. The TAD Annual Convention is in April.

See the TAD website here: