Standing Rules

1. The TAD No. 14 and CFWC convention expenses shall be paid by the club for the President and President-Elect or First Vice President. Registration of accredited delegates shall be paid by the club for conventions of TAD No. 14, CFWC, Western States Region and GFWC.

2. Each member is requested to belong to at least one (1) of the Sections and is encouraged to attend additional sections.

3. It is suggested no Officer or Chairman shall serve in more than one (1) office.

4. Chairman/Committee and Duties:
A. The Amenities Chairman shall perform such duties as determined by the President.
B. The President’s Aide shall perform such duties as determined by the President.
C. The Budget Committee shall prepare the budget for the current year during the first month (June) of the fiscal year with the Treasurer serving as Chairman of the committee. The committee shall consist of the Treasurer, Business Manager, Membership Secretary, Second Vice President, Ways and Means Chairman and three (3) members chosen by the Executive Board from the general membership. The immediate past Business Manager may serve in an advisory capacity.
D. The Buena Briefs Chairman shall be appointed by the President at the beginning of each club year. She shall be assisted by a mailing committee appointed by the President.
E. The By-Laws Committee, consisting of the Parliamentarian as Chairman and six (6) members at large appointed by the President, shall consider all proposed amendments. They shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval before being presented to the membership.
F. The Caring Chairman shall send a note of cheer or sympathy to club members or their families in time of sickness or death.
G. The Programs Committee and with five (5) members selected by her shall plan and be responsible for the program presented at regular club meetings.
H. The Guest Book Chairman shall present the guest book at all regular meetings and other club functions to be signed by guests of members of the club. She shall appoint greeters for each meeting.
I. The Spiritual Values Chairman or her representative shall present the inspiration at the monthly club meetings and shall be responsible for the annual Inspiration Breakfast.
J. The Telephone Committee shall assist the club by telephoning members when it is deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

5. Membership in sections is limited to members of San Buenaventura Women’s Club or members in good standing of neighboring Federated Women’s Clubs. Non-members may substitute a maximum of three (3) times in a club year.

6. A guest, other than a houseguest and caregiver, may attend only one (1) general meeting during the club year.

7. A letter of resignation shall be sent to the Membership Secretary.

8. A memorial contribution to the San Buenaventura Women’s Club Scholarship fund shall be made in honor of deceased members. The Corresponding Secretary shall inform the family of the member of this action.

9. The tea service, china, glassware, silver or linen will not be loaned out or rented to other organizations.

10. A Safe Deposit Box is to be maintained by the San Buenaventura Women’s Club to contain important documents i.e. contracts, insurance, copy of Charter, etc. No item is to be removed from the Safe Deposit Box without prior approval of the Executive Board. Removal or additions of items shall require the signature of two (2) of the three (3) authorized Board members: President, Business Manager or Treasurer.

11. A perpetual inventory ledger shall be kept in the Safe Deposit Box.

12. The only materials distributed during the meeting shall be that referring to club projects or Federation business. Materials for any other organization may be placed on empty tables at the back of the room with the prior approval of the executive committee.


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